sesame sourdough baguette, echire aoc butter, sea salt

balinese fried meatballs, cilantro-mint chutney, pickled okra

‘bo la lot’ betel leaf wrapped & grilled beef, scallion oil, peanuts

cold ma po doufu, hot chilli broad bean paste, crispy leeks

pork, shrimp, and crab dumplings, spicy black vin dressing, chives, spinach, peanuts

ma la beef tar tare, pear, pine nuts, quail egg, bone marrow vin, cassava chips



‘goi du du’ green papaya salad, viet beef jerky, peanuts, chili lime vin

grilled prawns, cabbage mix, mango, cucumber, onion, cashews, lemongrass-cilantro dressing

‘bo tai chanh’ lime cooked beef, rau ram, basil, mint, onions, fried shallots, nuoc mam cham



pho banh cuon with beef & tendon, herbs, lettuce, pickled onion

goi cuon ‘fresh spring roll’ with shrimp & pork, dipping sauce

autumn roll, sweet potato, jicama, egg, viet herbs, chinese sausage, coconut peanut sauce

grilled pork spring roll “nem nuong”, red leaf lettuce, mint, carrot, cucumber, house sauce

imperial rolls, shrimp, crab, pork, taro root, glass noodle, roasted peanut, chili lime sauce



myanmar okra curry, fried whole egg, tomato, tamarind, cilantro, six spice

x.o. pea tendrils, lemon juice, almonds, dried scallop shards

gai lan, salted pork, pickled mussels, fried shallots & supreme soy



steamed black cod, fermented flavors, bitter greens, pork belly, shitake, leeks

snapper filets with hot curry & dill

grilled baby octopus, walnuts, black garlic aioli

salt & pepper lobster, butter fried shallots, fried chilies & garlic

sa-po, mixed seafood, fried tofu, salted pork, baby bok choi,

vietnamese crepe, ‘banh xeo’, prawns, pork belly, bean sprout, herbs n’ greens, house dressing



red-braised pork belly, crispy shiitake, leek fondue

crispy sweetbreads, ramen noodle, chili oil, mushroom froth, shaved tendon.

red braised lamb curry, yams, herbs, pickled veg & onion pancake

ga roti, ginger-scallion satay, sweet soy sauce, pickled garlic

‘ga xao xa ot’ spicy lemongrass chicken, fried garlic & dried chilies

bo kho, marrow, tendons, oxtail, rib meat, baguette & butter

shaky shaky beef, watercress, baby tomatoes, burnt butter soy with tomato garlic fried rice

“hot pot” braised beef shank, bean curd, choy & vermicelli

fried pork spare ribs, tamarind & eggplant



pan fried e-fu noodle, confit shredded pork, long beans & tea egg

saigon lemongrass beef, vermicelli noodle, herbs, cucumbers, chili-lime dressing

red & black rice, mussels, shrimp, octopus, scallop, sausage, confit pork, lime leaf aïoli & okra

salted cod fried rice, egg omelet, sweet & sour pork and crab chili sauce

viet coconut braised pork & quail eggs